Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colour makes everyone happy!

Ah. Last day of January is here.
It's been a really interesting month for me! So many things have happened and I'm really pleased with what has happened so far.

Started photo a day challenge. Failed photo a day challenge. (THANK goodness I didn't sign up for a 365 day one.) I do take the photos! But I just didn't seem to find the time to post them up.
Well... I have finally done all the photos and they are up!

Thought long and hard about Chibi Run and where it's going.
I believe that anything I do, especially a small shop I run, should be a complete reflection of myself. Making sure and keeping check of everything that I do for Chibi Run is a constantly tough but necessary thing to do.

'Nuff said. Photo time! :) Coming along with me?

Day 26 | COLOUR
My favourite postie arrives with fabrics. His loud talking wakes my kids up...but who cares! 
I love him for bringing fabrics to my doorstep! :)
A $15.00 skirt I couldn't resist buying at the shops for Miss 4... this is what happens when you have two little girls...
More colour...

Day 27 | Lunch
Lunch on Australia day!

Day 30 | Nature
Love our back garden... well, love-hate relationship once more! Gardening is hard work.

Day 31 | Me Again... Hello!

Goodbye for now! 
I still have to find my pictures of my light and my fridge... but that's all for now. :) 
Hugs to you for the rest of the week ahead!
I hope my short blog of colour and nature has made you happy. :) x


  1. Love Chibi Run and all the pretties, love your pics and love your blog Miss Germaine - all that you do reflects that you are just a whole bunch of lovely :-)

  2. One happy soul right here Germaine. I just love colour too. And if it makes you feel better, I failed the challenge too. Feb's challenge will be a success, I can feel it! I LOVE that last shot of you. Gorgeous. x

  3. LOVE those fabrics!! I don't think it's a question of failing at all, I sure you enjoyed it and that's all that matters and we got to see some lovely photos too!


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