Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today I Wore...

Day 5 | 8.19pm | Something I Wore

Thank goodness for late sunsets in summer down here in Australia right now... managed to finally get a few shots after dinner! Thank you to my great husband who kindly, (with a grunt) snapped away. 

I usually never really think about what I wear, thanks to running after two quick pairs of little feet and trying to dress them instead. 

I like a bit of colour! Stripes! Comfy Leggings! My well loved worn out flats!
My bag is super roomy and has 3 baggy compartments. I seldom change handbags. I can never find anything in it honestly. Drives everyone nuts. 

 If you're doing the photo challenge too, please link here or facebook 
so I can follow your lovely pics too! :) 
xx Germaine 


  1. I love your outfit, that shirt is adorable!
    I'm playing along too on my blog, and facebook.

  2. Oooh lah lah - such a cute outfit! Love it!

  3. you are the trendiest poppet out there! gorgeous mumma!!!!


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