Wednesday, November 16, 2011

*Package Pretty* Simple Festive Wrap

I really like the idea of simple packaging with a tag or a pretty accessory like the ones above. 
With Christmas coming and the shops selling jumbo Christmas gift wrap rolls from crazy prices of $2 onwards, it is definitely hard not to just take the 'easy' way out and buy a huge roll!

But I really don't want to buy a jumbo roll, and be stuck with giving presents in the same Christmas gift wrap for the next few years... that is a terrible thought!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to use washi tape Part 2 - Recycle old fridge magnets!

Ok, so here it is - I promised another washi tape tutorial tonight.
However, I cannot take any credit for this tutorial as I googled and found that the marvelous
Twirling Betty has done a superb tutorial on this a while back! She has such a creative
mind and has many spesh tutorials. 

So.... let's start... 
(I found the perfect oldest, worst looking fridge magnet on my fridge! I must have had it for years!!)

So there... I have less old, ugly fridge magnets and new pretty, cute washi tape magnets now!
Yippee! :) 

Monday, November 7, 2011

{How to use washi tape - DIY Pretty Notebook Cover!}

Today, I wanted to use my new washi tapes for something.
I really honestly couldn't think of anything that hadn't been done before.
I've seen people use washi tape for lots of things...there is even washi tape wallpaper nowadays, can you believe that?!

Well,  this led to that...and that led to this...!!
I managed to make a pretty notebook cover for myself! :) 

The main point is washi tape can be used for any decorative purposes really. 

It makes decorating a whole lot easier and quicker, because you just: 
1. tear/cut it, 
2. stick it 
and you have a pretty design stuck somewhere fun in seconds! 

So for those who wanted to see some pretty pictures, here they are...
If I can do this, seriously anyone can!
You don't have to buy a special notebook from an expensive shop. 
You can even use a simple, plain brown notebook and I actually think those are the best! 
What you need is lots of imagination and you'll surely come up with a gorgeous cover for yourself! 

And there... a pretty notebook cover to look at every morning. :)
Now, remember, you don't even have to make a notebook cover.
You can do a pretty handmade card too!
Or... even some wall decor with inspirational words included in your creation will look pretty stunning.

I hope this inspires you! :) x

Embellishments - from my personal stash
Washi Tape can be purchased in my little shop at $0.70/yard or $4.80 a roll -

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