Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something I'm Reading

Day 14 | 9.42pm | Something I'm Reading

My GoToBlog from this year onwards. I try to visit her every day. When I miss a day or two, I get surprised with gorgeous photo overload. Her posts just leave me wanting more. She had a notsofab (another word for C-R-A-P!) christmas and is still feeling exhausted from it all, so maybe a little comment love or two might cheer her spirits up? I'd love to live at her house for a week. Or two. Just to nom down all those yummy looking treats she bakes for her beautiful brood. 

I admit, ever since my second little one came along, I can't really remember the last time I well and truly finished a book. I would try but end up falling asleep reading. I love reading. I hate trashy mags. They are soul-draining those mags! I have a confession to make too. I love Frankie but too much of it makes me feel a bit bleh at times too, you know what I mean? (Sorry Frankie!)
 There is only so much wooden laser cut brooches or weird looking haircuts you can look at, I reckon!

We're reading this at bedtime too and we LOVE it. Miss 4 literally begs me to read it to her every night. :)
We bought 3 issues for $10 at the Lark Boxing Day online sale and it's been one of our best buys ever. Reading it made me reflect about what I gave my kids to read - were they reading happy, exciting stuff that made their minds go wheeee?

Too much creativity! 


  1. I think there was a nearly a tear when I opened up blogger to see my little people starting back at me - on your post!!! oh thankyou for your sweet sweet words germaine, I am so glad you stop by so often AND enjoy my photo overload!! haha always photo overload... I think it's a disease. but I know you get the photography bug :) I am loving your daily posts xxx

  2. Looking forward to reading her blog, the photos are incredible!

    I've actually been reading MORE since I had my son - it's been my outlet for calming down. Odd, I know, but I have always been a bookworm.

  3. Hi Germaine, I have just joined your blog after following you on facebook for a while. Your layout and posts are bright and fresh, I know I'll be visiting this one often! I've just started up my own blog after much procrastination .... have a great day, you will probably be exhausted after last night's sale, lol, Tash


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