Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo a Day: Day 20-25

Day 25 | Something I Made
Okay. I haven't made anything big since the start of the year.
But... I did make something little that I thought would make someone really happy.
I had the fun recently of being involved in a teabag swap and made small little origami tags (to substitute for the normal boring teabag tags) like the one above, and posted a heap off to a lovely woman... I didn't know her in person, 
but I think any female at heart, let alone, a fellow mum would love a cup of tea 
specially chosen for her. 
And she did. So I'm really happy too!

Day 24 | Guilty Pleasure
Guilty as charged. It was love at first bite. Did you know that I put on 7 kg during my very first year in Australia? I suspect eating lots of these...and a whole lot of wonderful Australian made confectionery might have had something to do with those 7 kilos!

But... I still can't resist a Tim Tam Dark. It is my guilty pleasure sometimes when I've had a hellish day and the kids are finally in their beds. Or somewhere not in my hair.
This and a tea. And Oh! Don't get me started on coffee in Melbourne.
It is one of the very reasons why I'm not leaving Melbourne anytime soon... :) 

Day 23 | Something Old
My Dad used to post me heaps of even sent me a small book once.
All this happened when I first came to Australia to study at the age of 16. 
Being Daddy's littlest girl, looking back now at all these letters, I guessed he must have missed me somewhat when I left Singapore. I have a Dad who rarely expresses his emotions. Do you?
They're quite cute. :)

So these old cards... I kept. I'm a hoarder for certain things. This, I'm glad for.
When Dad lost his batter to liver cancer nearly 3 years ago, I couldn't really bear to dig up all
these old handwritten notes and read them. It was just too hard.
If you've lost someone before, I think you might agree with me that the feeling of missing them doesn't really get better. For me, the feeling of missing Dad just gets stronger as the years pass. 

Day 22 | My Shoes

 Day 20 | Someone I Love
My mum is in town. 
Yes, that's her... in some colourful, slouchy pants, sitting all funny, listening to my Miss 4 read Peter Pan. (If she knew I posted this photo, she would literally kill me!). So let's hope my girls keep her busy and she doesn't get a chance to chance upon this.
Mum and I have a love-hate relationship. Started from young. Hasn't ended yet.
I love her because she's Mum. We're both very stubborn!
But she is getting crazier with the years.
I mean... check out those CRAZY glasses Miss 4 is sporting???
Yes, you've guessed it right, Mum bought those!!
They've got shades that you can flip up. Haha.
The best part... Miss 4 LOVES them to death and has worn them for the whole day now.

I guess my love for colour colour colour must have been unconsciously taught by her.
She is sooooo good at shopping. She's one of those women who always manages to come home with great buys from anywhere! She is a superwoman and she is a little nutty.

I think... all mums are superwomen and a little nutty...don't you think? ;) 


  1. I love what you wrote about your Dad. I think my Dad is a bit the same - he's very "sentimantal" for want of a better word, but not on the surface. That is so wonderful he sent you so many letters and that you have kept them. Even if you don't read them again too much, your children will love and appreciate them at some point. I agree with you on the sadness too - I feel like that about my Nan and I think that's as it should be.
    Love the heart tea bag too - gorgeous!
    xx Ainslie

  2. Great post ...thanks for sharing the colour and funny in your world.

  3. Haha! Love your mom's pants! :)

    My father in law recently lost his battle with liver cancer too. Words can't describe how hard it is to loose someone you love. It is so lovely that he left you so many handwritten sweet memories.

    Hop on over to my site too, I'm also doing the photo a day challenge (albeit missing a day or two!)


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