Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Pretty Teabag Tags

Have you shown love and said hello to a friend lately?

Also, speaking of love, 12 days to Valentine's Day but who's counting? This lovely day isn't a big thing in this household but I do have a little plan to cook a special meal at home on that day.

One thing I've come to realize after becoming a mum is that we often have lots of fellow mum friends... we love to chat... have a cuppa together... but more often than not, days, even weeks pass without us having a chance to meet up. It's not like we've grown distant. If we'd meet up, we'd still have loads to chat about.
Sometimes, you're stuck at home with the kids, laundry to do, clothes to hang, meals to cook.. bla bla bla bla bla. If you can't meet up, I think it's really nice in a 'secret squirrel' sort of way to do something to say 'Hello! I've been thinking of you lately!"

Teabag Tags. Have you tried these before?
I had the lovely chance of being involved in a little teabag swap with friends 2 weeks ago and it was so fun! What you had to do was to send a selection of teabags to the friend you were allocated to.

So... I went off hunting! I love tea. (Well, I love coffee too. If you live in Melbourne and dislike coffee, that is quite a waste!)

I made some origami heart and paper cranes with some pretty floral paper I had lying around.
For those of you interested in making these origami and other shapes, I find this website a real treat!
 Detached the original thread and tea tag labels. 
Used a needle and thread to just sew on the new tags! 
Wrote a personal heartfelt message for my friend on one of the tags as well!
Packed it all neatly in a clear bag, wrote a simple card and stuck a stamp on the envelope... and off it went in the mail!

Can you think of a friend who will love receiving it in the mail?

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