Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Photo a Day Challenge
Day 4 | 2.30pm| Letterbox

I think my poor letterbox isn't having fun at this very moment. 
Because it has weeds around it! 
But not only that. It is a very sweet white little old letterbox that looks like it has 
lots of lovely letters inside. 

It has been the home of a resident Huge Huntsman Spider this Spring recently. 
Going to the letterbox lately has become a terrifying experience for us. (Clari and I) 
You never know when you might find Mr. Huntsman underneath a letter... all ready to leap out and 
(Never mind that they're not poisonous... catching sight of that huge furry black body is enough to give me a heart attack). 

Other than that, we love our letterbox.
It's No. 6!!! :)

What is the latest thing you've found in your letterbox that has made you smile? 

 If you're doing the photo challenge too, please link here or facebook 
so I can follow your lovely pics too! :) 
xx Germaine 

1 comment:

  1. hi Germaine!

    I love your letterbox too!
    Who knew something so sweet looking could hold something deadly! eeeek!

    It's nice to meet new people through this challenge and your blog looks lovely {can't wait to check the rest of it out} and I am already in love with your paper goods!


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