Monday, January 2, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge: Jan 2012

Day 1|8.12am|Me!


On a whim, I've decided to join in the photo challenge at Fat Mum Slim after chancing upon it.
Do join it too if you're up for some creative fun! :)


  1. gorgeous!! what a fabulous challenge... i'm gonna do it - although i have no blog to post it to .... unless i pull my finger out and create one!
    katie (poli) xox

  2. lovely germaine!
    lil' red, you can join in on FB/Twitter/Instagram as well with #Janphotoaday.
    Germaine are you on IG? If so, I am milkpleasemum on there too xx

  3. Katie - post it on Giuseppe's page!!

    Tahnee - No sadly I'm not..tear! I'm literally dying to get IG. Geeky Hubs chose an Android over iphone so i'm waiting for instagram to be available on androids. will def hunt you down once I get my hands on it! :)


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