Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colour makes everyone happy!

Ah. Last day of January is here.
It's been a really interesting month for me! So many things have happened and I'm really pleased with what has happened so far.

Started photo a day challenge. Failed photo a day challenge. (THANK goodness I didn't sign up for a 365 day one.) I do take the photos! But I just didn't seem to find the time to post them up.
Well... I have finally done all the photos and they are up!

Thought long and hard about Chibi Run and where it's going.
I believe that anything I do, especially a small shop I run, should be a complete reflection of myself. Making sure and keeping check of everything that I do for Chibi Run is a constantly tough but necessary thing to do.

'Nuff said. Photo time! :) Coming along with me?

Day 26 | COLOUR
My favourite postie arrives with fabrics. His loud talking wakes my kids up...but who cares! 
I love him for bringing fabrics to my doorstep! :)
A $15.00 skirt I couldn't resist buying at the shops for Miss 4... this is what happens when you have two little girls...
More colour...

Day 27 | Lunch
Lunch on Australia day!

Day 30 | Nature
Love our back garden... well, love-hate relationship once more! Gardening is hard work.

Day 31 | Me Again... Hello!

Goodbye for now! 
I still have to find my pictures of my light and my fridge... but that's all for now. :) 
Hugs to you for the rest of the week ahead!
I hope my short blog of colour and nature has made you happy. :) x

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photo a Day: Day 20-25

Day 25 | Something I Made
Okay. I haven't made anything big since the start of the year.
But... I did make something little that I thought would make someone really happy.
I had the fun recently of being involved in a teabag swap and made small little origami tags (to substitute for the normal boring teabag tags) like the one above, and posted a heap off to a lovely woman... I didn't know her in person, 
but I think any female at heart, let alone, a fellow mum would love a cup of tea 
specially chosen for her. 
And she did. So I'm really happy too!

Day 24 | Guilty Pleasure
Guilty as charged. It was love at first bite. Did you know that I put on 7 kg during my very first year in Australia? I suspect eating lots of these...and a whole lot of wonderful Australian made confectionery might have had something to do with those 7 kilos!

But... I still can't resist a Tim Tam Dark. It is my guilty pleasure sometimes when I've had a hellish day and the kids are finally in their beds. Or somewhere not in my hair.
This and a tea. And Oh! Don't get me started on coffee in Melbourne.
It is one of the very reasons why I'm not leaving Melbourne anytime soon... :) 

Day 23 | Something Old
My Dad used to post me heaps of letters...cards...he even sent me a small book once.
All this happened when I first came to Australia to study at the age of 16. 
Being Daddy's littlest girl, looking back now at all these letters, I guessed he must have missed me somewhat when I left Singapore. I have a Dad who rarely expresses his emotions. Do you?
They're quite cute. :)

So these old cards... I kept. I'm a hoarder for certain things. This, I'm glad for.
When Dad lost his batter to liver cancer nearly 3 years ago, I couldn't really bear to dig up all
these old handwritten notes and read them. It was just too hard.
If you've lost someone before, I think you might agree with me that the feeling of missing them doesn't really get better. For me, the feeling of missing Dad just gets stronger as the years pass. 

Day 22 | My Shoes

 Day 20 | Someone I Love
My mum is in town. 
Yes, that's her... in some colourful, slouchy pants, sitting all funny, listening to my Miss 4 read Peter Pan. (If she knew I posted this photo, she would literally kill me!). So let's hope my girls keep her busy and she doesn't get a chance to chance upon this.
Mum and I have a love-hate relationship. Started from young. Hasn't ended yet.
I love her because she's Mum. We're both very stubborn!
But she is getting crazier with the years.
I mean... check out those CRAZY glasses Miss 4 is sporting???
Yes, you've guessed it right, Mum bought those!!
They've got shades that you can flip up. Haha.
The best part... Miss 4 LOVES them to death and has worn them for the whole day now.

I guess my love for colour colour colour must have been unconsciously taught by her.
She is sooooo good at shopping. She's one of those women who always manages to come home with great buys from anywhere! She is a superwoman and she is a little nutty.

I think... all mums are superwomen and a little nutty...don't you think? ;) 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photo recap :)

Day 17 | Water

Day 18 | Something I Bought - Lots of Corn!!!
Someone eats a few bites of a corn, puts it down...and takes another one.
Do you have someone like that at home? :) 
Day 19 | Sweet 

I heart Peko-chan :)

Also... I made something sweet today for a person I've never met. Details soon! :) 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oops! Missed Day 18.

Hurrah! Sale is over! 
I am delighted to be able to sit in bed and just type. Not cut fabrics. Or take photos. Or create a photo album on facebook. Gosh...facebook photo albums suck the life out of you sometimes! 
But sale went perfect. Couldn't have asked for it to have turned out better... which is what I am always appreciative of and grateful for. 

January 2012 is slowly coming to an end and I'll be working hard to make Chibi Run more organized and more well stocked in term of crafty supplies this year. Let me know if you'd like me to stock more of anything really! :) 

Well... I feel a little sheepish. But yes, I am guilty of missing yesterday's post for the photo a day challenge
I did take a photo yesterday. Didn't post it! 
I took a photo today. Was all ready to post...and my camera battery died! 
So... I will post my photos tomorrow and hope you still love me. 

For now though... I thought I should share some photos I really admire for yesterday's word (Water) and today's word (Something You Bought). 

{Water} by Trey Ratcliff 
He is the photographer to love. Eiffel Tower. Muddy puddle at the side.
He has one of the best jobs in the world - he just goes around the world taking the most beautiful, stunning photos. I especially love his Iceland photos.

Ok... enough of daydreaming for now. I shall be content in my little house and with my little family!
I love to travel. I love to pack my bags, get on an aeroplane. (Well, that was before I had kids). Now going on an aeroplane with kids always tends to be pretty stress inducing.
Which is why I am still waiting for the year Husband and I can go backpacking in Yunnan, China... sans the children.

And for today's word... {Something I Bought}

We have a mini corn monster in our household. She is only 80cm tall but can eat
2 corns at one go. I especially love to see her go 'crunch' and 'mmmm....' with her eyes closed...

I will post the photos I took tomorrow! Once Mr. Camera has been recharged. x

Monday, January 16, 2012


Photo a Day Challenge
Day 16 | 8.10am | Morning

Day 15 | 9.20am | Happiness
The face that is in my face before Playschool begins... :)
And the face that is going to appear on Vimeo soon for a funky kid's mag!
Love her to bits x

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something I'm Reading

Day 14 | 9.42pm | Something I'm Reading

My GoToBlog from this year onwards. I try to visit her every day. When I miss a day or two, I get surprised with gorgeous photo overload. Her posts just leave me wanting more. She had a notsofab (another word for C-R-A-P!) christmas and is still feeling exhausted from it all, so maybe a little comment love or two might cheer her spirits up? I'd love to live at her house for a week. Or two. Just to nom down all those yummy looking treats she bakes for her beautiful brood. 

I admit, ever since my second little one came along, I can't really remember the last time I well and truly finished a book. I would try but end up falling asleep reading. I love reading. I hate trashy mags. They are soul-draining those mags! I have a confession to make too. I love Frankie but too much of it makes me feel a bit bleh at times too, you know what I mean? (Sorry Frankie!)
 There is only so much wooden laser cut brooches or weird looking haircuts you can look at, I reckon!

We're reading this at bedtime too and we LOVE it. Miss 4 literally begs me to read it to her every night. :)
We bought 3 issues for $10 at the Lark Boxing Day online sale and it's been one of our best buys ever. Reading it made me reflect about what I gave my kids to read - were they reading happy, exciting stuff that made their minds go wheeee?

Too much creativity! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

'Thanks' - the baby version

Day 13 | 9.01pm | In Your Bag

Took this photo at night after the kids had gone to bed, house was clean... and well, Friday had officially
ended in this household.
I think photos are amazing. I take a photo and then I look at it and sometimes, no matter how I take it,
I have the feeling that I just can't seem to get it right. One of those days. One of those weeks.
Might be the fact that one of our bunnies died suddenly at the vet on Wednesday. I watched it die. I was crying my heart out because I was caught totally unprepared. I thought it was just a little sick and I was going to go home with a bunny on the road to recovery. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. Poor Patchy!
We miss you! I miss you!
Hence, the crap photo today. The late photo yesterday. Eyes were a little sore after crying.
Back is aching, arms are aching! 
The only thing better than being a physio yourself is having a hubs for a physio. Yay to back cracks in your own home. 

The other reason for the busy day is that I've really sat down for a few days and started preparing for next week's Kokka/vintage/doilies/fabric sale. I love this 'job' of mine. I really do delight in the fact that I have all this fabric and there are so many of you out there that are so, so much more wonderfully talented than me and I just know that there will be so many amazing things created with these fabrics and embellishments.

Thought you might like to see what I've been looking at today *wink

This is ... I think, one-third of the whole stash. Yum yum! 

Also, Baby has started showing off some words this week. I think she's trying really hard to say 'thank you' 
when we give her something but it comes out sounding like 'damn you'. Might have to try perfect that one before my Mum comes next week for a visit. 
What can you do... she is too cute that it's almost a crime. 
Happy weekend you!! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11 and 12

Photo a Day Challenge
Day 12 | 7.58pm | Close Up

Tomatoes from our garden

And I've finally missed one day! Yesterday's photo is here. :)
Day 11 | 7.48am | Where I Sleep

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Day 10 |2.38pm | Childhood

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again. - Elizabeth Lawrence

These toys belong to my husband.
My mother-in-law handed me to them a few years back... I was as happy as a clam!
They don't make toys as fantastic as they used to... agreed?

Chester the Turtle. You wind up his back and away he goes with his flippers rattling!
Lovey the Penguin. He never falls down! 
I think penguins look very smart and lovey indeed with bow ties and long eyelashes!
We name all our stuff toys in this household. 
Ormond and Finlay the Dogs. 
Jake the Lion.
Bibi Bear the Bear. 

Miss 4 might be able to take you on a Toy Tour in our house one day.
She chatters heaps! 
 That's a little healthy stash of Little Golden Books. I have big plans to make it 'healthier'. 

 My fave Little Golden Book. I love Mary Blair. 
32 pcs. Make A Pair game. Given by one of my oldest bestest friends to my Miss 4. Too much fun! We have lots of fun overturning the whole box and watching all the pieces fall and scatter everywhere. Fastest fingers match a pair! 
A happy and simple childhood is one of life's greatest blessings.
If you're doing the photo challenge too, please do feel free to link here or facebook 
so I can follow your lovely pics too! :) 
xx Germaine 

Monday, January 9, 2012


Photo a Day Challenge
Day 9 | 8.19pm | Routine

Simple. Refreshing. Quick. Clean. 

I love getting clean in the shower. It's a place of peace after a crazy day. 
I love closing my eyes and massaging this stuff onto my face. 
It has this faint, woody, almost clay-like fragrance that smells so good. 
This is my routine that I love and that I end each day with.

Tomorrow's photo theme is Childhood! What will you post? :)

If you're doing the photo challenge too, please link here or facebook 
so I can follow your lovely pics too! :) 
xx Germaine 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

God's Sky

Photo a Day Challenge
Day 8 | 8.39pm | Sky

Today's post is brought to you by my husband, who has a knack for taking scenery.
Thanks Ken! 

Today's Sky - Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Australia

 Christmas Day, Our street, Melbourne, before the massive hail fell....
We had a 30 degree day and our garden was covered in golf ball sized icy hail stones....
Only in Melbourne! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Favourite: Minor food porn alert warning!

Photo a Day Challenge
Day 7 | 7.28pm | Favourite

This was tonight's dinner. My favourite lamb shanks recipe. 
When I first met this recipe, it was love at first sight. I mean... who wouldn't fall in love with a recipe called
'Beautiful Lamb Shanks' by the swoon-worthy Jamie Oliver? 

God I love him. I love reading his recipes. He writes them in the way he speaks. 

When I read them, I can almost hear his English voice in my head talking and him 
rubbing that salt on those meaty shanks and drizzling that sexy olive oil over the rosemary... 
If ever there was food porn, this had to be it. Hot mama! 

So 'nuff said. One of my favourite chefs, just because his recipes always work for me.
And this is one of my favourite recipes from him.
We get our lamb shanks 4 for $10 at our local market, which is a lovely deal
that feed our little family well too! I usually just add any veggies
that I have at home too.

And if you're not sold by my little spruik yet, here's another picture.
Miss 1 is holding the shank and eating it neanderthal-style and was done with it in ten.
I'm sure Jamie would be very pleased! 

Friday, January 6, 2012

Always ends with a smile

Day 6 | 3.49pm | Things that make me smile 

What can I say - one of the things I love most about this running my cosy little online shop is packaging.
I have an endless addiction towards it! I should share a few links soon. 
So... I thought I'd show you some of the parcels that got sent off very recently. 
I am always appreciative (and grateful!) to all my customers who purchase... 
because that is simply what keeps me going. 
People who share the same loves as I do! 

Packing and wrapping goodies up in a nice little bundle always never fails to put a smile on my face at the end.... and I hope the person who receives it has a big smile on her face too! 

What made you smile today? :) 

 If you're doing the photo challenge too, please link here or facebook 
so I can follow your lovely pics too! :) 
xx Germaine 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today I Wore...

Day 5 | 8.19pm | Something I Wore

Thank goodness for late sunsets in summer down here in Australia right now... managed to finally get a few shots after dinner! Thank you to my great husband who kindly, (with a grunt) snapped away. 

I usually never really think about what I wear, thanks to running after two quick pairs of little feet and trying to dress them instead. 

I like a bit of colour! Stripes! Comfy Leggings! My well loved worn out flats!
My bag is super roomy and has 3 baggy compartments. I seldom change handbags. I can never find anything in it honestly. Drives everyone nuts. 

 If you're doing the photo challenge too, please link here or facebook 
so I can follow your lovely pics too! :) 
xx Germaine 

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