Friday, February 10, 2012

Ten minutes.

My home is in a slight mess now. Ok. A slightly big mess. But I thought that I would sidestep all the mess and set myself to a task of seeing what I can snap around my home in the matter of ten minutes. 

Which, of course, I'm sure, all famous people do when they feature their home tours. 
You know the one where she shows you her super gorgeous living room. Neat. Cleverly cluttered. Even her cat is lying all demure on the parquet and not missing in action the whole day. 

If you see, she has one of those fantastic lamps. 

God only knows what my clever children might do with it if I bought one of those lamps and brought it home... brr. Don't even want to think of it! 

To be honest, we've got a lovely house. Well. It's a little squishy because we've got big front and back gardens and the inside space is a little cramped. We love it for all its greatness and faults, maybe just because it is our first home and we've spent lots of time working on it. Fixing stuff. Getting the garden growing. Mowing that damned lawn. I know moving out will probably be in the works soon as our family expands... and while extra room is a bonus, I honestly don't mind a small house. 

Smaller houses mean less cleaning! 

And I love learning to always be content with what I have.

So enough from me for now. Here's ten minutes of my life today! 
 Packing Chibi Run goodies to be sent off to new loving homes
 What I'd sometimes rather be doing. 
 Random flyers for upcoming community activities... gotta love Darebin! 

 Something Daddy sees at the front door
 Some crochet goodness from a dear friend
 I love watching and waiting.
To see what comes out in the end on that blank paper. 
 Laundry laundry laundry... 'Nuff said
Clari and Celeste are really starting to play together lots more now that Celeste is older... 
and Clari is such a lovely big sister at times!


  1. Your photos are bright and fun, love them all, even the pegs! Tash

  2. yummy pics Germaine - your kidlets are gorg!!

  3. What gorgeous pictures and gorgeous girls too. I came here from Milk Please Mum - congrats on the Liebster!


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