Monday, July 16, 2012

A Celeste Kind of Weekend

This week was all about Celeste. 
Celebrations for us usually tend to involve lots of food. 
It doesn't help when the littlest member of the whole family loves to eat. 
We pigged out so much over the weekend. We cooked a huge batch of laksa for our little noodle and chilli lover and had not one, but two parties with friends and family!
We still have 3 cakes sitting in the fridge. 

Afternoon tea, anyone??!

Yes. My littlest turned two. 
No. We didn't name her after Queen Celeste. But yes, we do love Babar. 

Do you have a child who just seems so completely different from you? 
In an especially good way of course. 
Celeste is that child. 
Maybe even more so because my biggest is an exact replica of me. 
I know how my biggest thinks. I know what she would love. I know what she would hate. 
The similarities between us and the way we behave are amazing. 
The things she is afraid of are exactly the things I hated doing when I was her age. 
When I see that happening in her, I can feel what she feels. 
That's my biggest. 

Celeste. Number 2. 
I feel a little sad. Because she was a good as baby. I didn't get to experience her as much as I did as a baby. Because she slept through the night early. Because I didn't have to spend lots of time waking up at night to go to her like I did for my biggest. Because she didn't lie on the floor for long. She's a climber. She didn't even crawl for long before the steps happened! I feel sad!

Even up till this day, I think I have to best guess how she might react in a certain situation. 
She acts a lot like hubby. 
Her personality. Hubby. 
She sees the logical side. But she also sees the challenge. 
And she never fails to put me in my place!!! 
I still find it humbling when I think that someone so tiny can open my eyes and make me see things from a different perspective. From her perspective. 
It is different. It is good. It works too. Amazing! 

So to Celeste
If you're so special when you're two, I can't wait to see how you'll be like in the future. 
For now though, I'll lie in bed like how I've been doing for the past three nights, with my eyes closed and pinching myself hard to believe that you're...two. 
It's a little heartwrenching in a quiet way. 




  1. It's so unfair they have to grow up isn't it :( i can't believe my baby is going to be two soon.

    People say things like remember when Maksi was a baby he did this, I always think what are they talking about he is still a baby.

    well i'm holding onto that though till he starts school.

    Happy Birthday Celeste :)

  2. oh bless her! the family shot of the girls looking at one another with the candles alight - what a beauty! my goodness she is just so delicious - those eyes in the first shot, she says so much. the differences in personality is quite remarkable, which genes are pulled from where to make up these little souls. it still blows my mind. I wonder what #3 will be like..? ;)
    happy birthday miss 2! may your third year make you less of a mystery to your beautiful mama, who may also make you a big sister ;) xx

  3. beautiful beautiful photos! what special memories to look back at in the future.


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