Saturday, May 12, 2012

Growing Up.

Oh dear.
I've done it again.
Honestly this time... it was done on purpose. Yes. Count me in as a silver member of the
blog-in-hibernation anonymous club! You know there are so many out there. You come across one once in awhile... the last post was around this same time last year. Some of them promise to be more regular with their blog but somehow there is a big silence once again. Now, I don't blame them. Especially when I am a likely culprit at times.

To put it simply... confused is the word of the day here in my neck of the woods.
If you could see my face now, it would be wearing my trendy puzzled look!
Owning a blog and a business is hard. Add to that equation 'owning a family'. 

Do I use my blog to help my business? Make it a purely business blog?
I would love to. It probably would help my business heaps. And a part of me gave it a go. But it just doesn't feel quite right. It was fun. But not quite me. It was informative. But not quite me again. 

Do I use my blog as a space to share my family?That would be quite snazzy. But personally it doesn't feel quite right for me again.
Now don't get me wrong. I absolutely love reading the lives of others through their absolutely beautiful, special blogs. My little family is indeed little. We've created a small little piece of heaven right here. But knowing myself well, if I were to be on top of everything in life, making sure my little family is happy and doing the whole juggling act with Chibi Run, then that practically eliminates the time needed for keeping a blog pretty.
I'm pretty sure there are other girls out there who might just feel the same way about it as I do.

How do you girls pull it off??
Amazing. I definitely have lots to learn.

So. Here I am.
I think I'll just be me. Cheesy I know. But hear me out first.
You see... I was confused as to whether this blog should be a shop's blog or a mum's blog.
But I'm not just a shop! Or just a mum! To put it loosely.
I am Germaine. I don't know another Germaine Tan out there living in Melbourne at the moment (yet). Which is pretty special.

Before I became a mum, I wasn't a mum. Being a mum isn't everything to me. There. I said it.
I truly, deeply love my kids. And I love my husband. But I am still growing up. Wearing my 'mum' hat is another part of my life's learning journey to me. I'm definitely not a perfect mum and I know full well that my kids have taught me so much more than I've taught them.
My life is complicated. As is everyone's. Which is why I know that if I just shared my life as a mum or as a business owner, I wouldn't be giving ALL of my heart into writing these posts. Which is basically the reason behind writing anyway. Why write if you don't feel like writing? Same with blogging methinks. You don't have to blog every 2-3 days just because you have a schedule to follow.
I'd rather have 5 people come back in a month... when I finally have something worthwhile to say. Rather than expect them to come back every week to a half assed post that didn't mean anything to them or me.

Some days in my house are really just all about running the shop. It's taken me a lot of discipline and time management but I'm so pleased that it works a treat.
Other days or most days, including weekends, are all about the family. When little ones fall sick, it is always all about them too.
Cooking is a big thing for me too.
When I was a little girl, dinner was always at our round dining table with rice and at least 4-5
food dishes to share! Lots of conversations happened then. Lots of happy memories. 

There has been lots of cooking. And baking... happening in this house recently.
Simply because it feels like a stage where changes are happening or decisions are being made.
One big change will be my brother and his family returning back to Singapore.
My kids will no longer have their cousins to play with! Sob!
Lots of cooking to farewell them...
Another big decision that was made was enrolling Clari for Prep next year.
Another big SOB! I'm such a softie at heart!
We had somewhat of a tough time choosing the right school for her and it did stress me out.
And it's been so chilly.
You have to remember that I grew up in tropical Singapore. Everyday was 32 deg C over there. My stove and oven work overtime here when it gets chilly. Brr.

SO. Finally.
This is why I'm here now. All grown up. Not.
Some of you might not know me very well yet. But I hope you'll stay to find out a little bit more each time.
One thing I ask of you is to please don't classify me as a shop's blog. Or a mum's blog.
Because you might be disappointed. I don't have lots of pretty photos.
I don't have a very pretty house. Well. I have a pretty messy house. If I can put it that way!
But I love fun. And I love having my cup full. There will be some days where it might be empty.
But like today, my mantra has always been 'this too shall pass' and there will always be little things that fill that cup again... This is what growing up is about, isn't it?

Bless xx


  1. Xx lovley read G, love your blog as it is about you & your thoughts xx blog on!!

  2. Lovely babe! Let`s follow each other!


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