Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Ways to Keep Sane (I mean, Busy) during the Holidays

Hurrah! School holidays are here!
Like? Dread?
Then we most certainly can be friends. I practically skipped out of kinder while my Miss 4 dragged her feet out of the door, holding her Easter basket of chocolate eggs and wearing this super cool feather-licious paper crown she made during her last session.
I'm sure she's looking forward to being at home with me. *snort
While I'm sure she loves her mumma, I do admit I have my crazy hair out sometimes and I say crazy things. That tends to happen when certain small people drive me crazy.
So... I am determined to make the following weeks full of fun!
For everyone, of course.
Mum should be the one to have the most fun, methinks.

So here are not one, but TEN ways to not lose your shit during the holidays. (Pardon the language).

1. Make Rainbow Jelly Eggs.
I love these. My mum used to make these for our parties and I thought they were the best thing ever. She used to save eggshells and have about 3 tupperwares full of shells carefully tucked away to be used for Jelly Eggs.
Hubby wants to make this for Easter. I do like his ideas sometimes. :)
This is No. 1 on the list because you have to start saving those eggshells now!
I've started and have about 5 sitting on my kitchen benchtop now.

TIP: I have to confess that we don't have the egg moulds like the tutorial.
What we do is tap a small hole on the egg to let the egg white/yolk out, wash it clean, set up all the clean egg shells with small holes sitting in the egg carton and just fill them with jelly. 


2. Create a stash of colouring sheets.

From the simplest of colouring sheets to some really cool looking ones, there are just heaps of free colouring sheets online for us mummas to use!
One thing I totes love about the Anorak Magazine are the colouring pages inside there... just out of this world and my little girl loves them too.
The key to colouring sheets is to keep it different all the time, and short and sweet.
Give your child 1-2 sheets and always choose ones that you think might blow her away when she first sees it. Colouring is one of the most fun thing you can do.

3. Make a stuffed bunny.
Or a stuffed anything.
I'm serious. Have you ever tried making a softie? Those things teach you patience.
Have you ever handsewn a whole softie? Now that's one way of training yourself to be patient.
Patience is not my strong point. In fact, I'm a person who relishes getting things done in the fastest, most efficient way and there is not a single day that motherhood does not challenge me in terms of patience.
To be honest, sitting down, thinking about it, cutting those fabrics and sewing does wonders for the soul. Close that laptop. Make a cuppa. Snuggle up on your sofa and just concentrate on creating that cute little bunny friend for your child... you will love it.
4. Go back to the simplest toy. Blocks

5. Bake those cookies... lots of them... let your whole kitchen smell so yummy. Let those little hands help as much as they want, lick the spoon.
And give those calories, oops, I meant cookies, away in pretty little containers tied with twine and sweet little printable tags for friends!
One thing I love about holidays is the extra time we are given to catch up with friends.

6. If your family is anything like mine, we buy toilet rolls in 18 roll packs and use up toilet rolls like there's no tomorrow. Well. Don't throw those toilet rolls away! Check out these 20 ways to use them.

7. Paint your nails a different colour. And your little girl's nails too. 

8. Go to a different playground.

9. Prettify your phone cover with pretty fabric/paper. 

10. Make the small people happy. I can't emphasize this last point enough. I know that when my little ones are happy, I'm happy.
And vice versa. Hence, this list was a give and take of what would make us mummas and our little ones happy. I've also learnt that if you're trying to do something else when your kids want you, no one will be very happy! From personal experience, trying to email or blog when your little one wants you to read to her, will ultimately be a lost cause. Close the laptop and go to her. Come back later.

So that's all for now!
I hope everyone has a very lovely and enjoyable break. :) Happy Easter!


  1. germaine, you make me smile! gorgeous ideas, pity i have no time to do them, but i'll pin them all and wistfully dream of the day when i have time to be mum again... my shit is totally lost already :)
    have a wonderful easter break with your gorgeous family!
    katie (poli)

  2. oh I love it - all of it - even the part where you said SHIT!!!! omg I nearly fell off my chair ;) awesome crafty ideas I will totally be stealing, I have never seen the jelly eggs before! mine would adore them. I had to laugh when you said you practically skipped out of kindy on the last day - me too, god I am tired. we are ALL tired. my three are all snotty and exhausted so a week of some fun craft, alongside plenty of bike riding and peppa pig and play school, sounds pretty good to me xx


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