Thursday, October 4, 2012


Love it. 
Not really so much for the filters but for the fact that I can take a photo anywhere and anytime of what I'm doing and since I've been on it, there have been SO many moments in my life that wouldn't have been snapped if not for this gorgeous app. 

Today, I went over to statigram for the first time and had a look!
Statigram lets you see which photos of yours receives the most likes as well and it was so interesting!  
Seems like a lot of you on Instagram do share the same love in stationery and pretty colours as I do, which is great! 
It's a great way to see some behind-the-scenes photo of what goes on at the Chibi Run headquarters daily.
But the most liked photo really did warm the cockles of my heart... as some people say. 

Love seeing my two girls sleep next to each other.

Also, Miss 4 will be Miss 5 in two days' time.
We'll be having her party at the park (and the lovely weather forecast promises LOTS of rain and 14 degree warmth all round. Bah!) with her best friend whose birthday happens to be a few days before hers.
She simply can't wait.
She keeps telling us that she can't wait to go to primary school.

Whenever did my baby get so big so quick!?

Alright... signing off now for today as a big morning bake, a great rabbit hutch wash and an Ikea afternoon trip has officially zapped all the energy out of me and I am B-uggered.

I'm still trying hard to keep my end of the promise I have with Julia to be a good blogger and blog regularly for October. ;) 

For those who are on instagram as well, my username is chibirun and I would love to find you there too! xx


  1. Well you know I love Instagram. I find it so funny that some of my friends still ask me what instagram is. It has become such a huge part of the way I collect memories and recommend it to everyone. I think I am going to get some of my pics printed so I can share them with my non- instagrammy friends xx

    Sounds like you had a productive day xx

  2. I love it so much too, I can't imagine not using it :)

  3. the photo of the girls is beautiful, a real beautiful keepsake.

    instagram is only available if you have a smart phone right?


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