Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh my goodness. We're halfway through August.

Lots of things happened this week!
Some lovely catch ups with old friends and family. 

I've been to some amazing food places:

.: Saturday brunch at Cafe Beaumarchais (Sassafras) :.
.: Saturday dinner at Anada (Collingwood) :.
.: Brunetti dessert (Carlton) :.
.: A birthday celebration at Mecca Bah (Docklands) :.
.: Another brunch at Pillar of Salt (Richmond) :. 

I must say that I think I've definitely been spoilt silly the whole of this week! 
Unknown man eagerly tucking into his breakfast at Cafe Beaumarchais

Each place was lovely. We are blessed to have such fantastic food everywhere.
And the coffee.
Don't even get me started!
I used to hate coffee before I moved to Melbourne.
And now...

But essentially, I really enjoyed the time spent with friends.
And... guess what? Apparently, more family will be visiting soon!
So that means more eating will be happening in the future.
We love celebrating with food.

So before that happens, I plan to be a complete homebody and rest and relax with nice, simple homecooked food before the madness descends.

I've been watching: 
.: The Olympics :. (2 weeks is enough methinks)
.: Mary Poppins :. (Please tell me that we're not crazy for watching this all the time!? Clari, aged 4, completely adores her)

I've been reading:
.: About raising chooks :. (Our fence is fixed and hubby is keen on the idea of having his own chickens. Bless. Good luck to him because he also wants to build the coop. Taking this into consideration, we might probably see a coop appear in about... I don't know. A year?!)
.: Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes :.
.: Acts :.
.: And last but not least, being happy in a daggy house. Haha

And how could I forget!?!
Prep Transition started.
She is totally ready. I am totally not ready. 

Business has been brisk too at Chibi Run and at the end of every day, I can't help but feel thankful, grateful for all the orders. For everyone who has supported Chibi Run in one way or another since it first opened, thank you SO much.
A little does go a long way.
It's just such a breath of relief and gladness when we do our monthly budgets and find out that all the extra income has helped us in being able to put good, proper food on our table, classes for the kids, petrol, home loan and most of all, helped me stay at home to be with the kids and not feel stressed at all about staying at home. Because. Of course. It would be so much easier (financially) if I went straight back to work. It'd just be everything times two. Easy peasy. But that's not what we decided on from the start.

And so... with that, the weekend has arrived.
Happy weekend to you! :)


  1. I am so envious of all those yummy sounding places!! Melbourne is definitely on my 'must visit soon' list :)

  2. Great read Germaine! Love Melbourne and all the good places to eat. I'll be in Melbourne during September; 2 days to attend a conference and 2 more with my daughter. Hope we get to try out a few places; Brunetti's is on the list.


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